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El Robo


Just posted my first post in the doorbell forum so I thought i would expose myself completely by posting my first ever recording of me on my sax. Have been playing since may '09 and sat down yesterday and did this recording really quickly. Its not a finished product more of seeing how i sounded.

Have played guitar for a while but this blowing business is a whole new world :)


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Nice one el. Not been playing a year and sounding good.
Good on ya. I'm a sax wielding guitarist too. What is it about the metal beast that entices us.
Keep on puffin'


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Hi Rob,

Welcome to the forum.

You've been blowin' for less than a year! :shocked: I think I'll get me coat. You're sounding really good, but what happened at the end, it just stops?

It's great to hear other players sound clips, and also useful to you, helping you know where your iffy bits are.

Best wishes,


p.s. any chance of an mp3 next time?

El Robo

Thanks for your kind comments.

Know exactly what you mean about recording being a great tool for improvement. As soon as i played it back i knew i wanted it to swing more, and could hear all the mistakes. Really makes you realise how good professional musicians are. However i wanted a reference point for myself so left it as it was. It was the second take i think.

it stopped suddenly because i just sat down plugged in a mic, a vocal mic at that, and recorded something without checking any eq etc... I just did a quick check for levels and used a channel i use for vocals, so that may have helped, or not? i ended up improvising for some of it, around 1:10 i think, not through artistic interpretation but just because i couldn't see music!!

i will use an mp3 file next time if its easier to download

Again thanks for being gentle with me, i felt completely naked after i had posted. This forum business is new to me too so apologies in advance for any mistakes in ettti.. eti well you know what i mean :)



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Hi again Rob

I couldn't resist having a listen and was very impressed for someone who just picked up a sax that was lying about a short time ago I thought it was very good.I keep threatening to put something up if I ever figure out just how to do it then you'll all be sorry.:))):)))
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