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M/Pieces - Ligs In between mouthpiece sizes... Help!


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I've recently Purchased a JodyJazz DVNY 7 which sounded so sweet on my Yani a901, but since upgrading to a a992 I've not been able to get on with it at all.

I was finding I was fatiguing after about 40 minutes, (Rico Royal 2.5 reed).

I then changed down to a 6 mouthpiece, and found my tone faltering due to the lack of resistance, only getting somewhat better when playing a Vandoren Blue box 3 reed. The problem this gives me is it is very difficult to play quiet passages evenly, and its still too free blowing for me.

The choices open to me are to go back to the 7 and work on stamina, or make do with the 6 and work on tone control with a lack of resistance.

Any advice greatly welcomed!




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Hi Steve
I think the way to go is to experiment with different reeds i.e. makes and strengths until you find a happy compromise,alternatively is to change to a different mouthpiece with just about the right amount of resistance ,but i would go down the reed path first.

Colin the Bear

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Yes, I would experiment with reeds. You can make your own 1/4 sizes with a cutter. Having a thicker tip after cutting can give some pleasing results for tone and quieter passages. You can take a softer reed and make it harder. I wouldn't be without one and have one for sop, alto, tenor, bari and clarinet.


Experimenting with reeds is a good cheap way to try and fix this problem.

I'm a fan of "Blowing through it". Which basically just means finding the set up that is giving you the least trouble and trying to get by with that. Really work on your long tones and over tones on that set up. Eventually it will start to jell better than you would have thought.

If you mess around to much with your set up you never get any time to lock in. You can only ever really find out what a mouthpiece, reed, horn has to offer once you've stuck with it for at least 3 or 4 months IMO.


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Agree on the reed route. Try a slightly softer reed for now. The rico RJS play failry similar tot he Royals and seem to be more consistent, and come in 3rd, not half strengths. Maybe a 2M, I find them a touch softer than the 2.5 Royals.


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Thank you for the advice so far everyone, this is all good stuff

I have tried the following with the 6 tip opening (2 of each reed, then fine tuned with a Rovner dark, light, or custom lig if the reed plays somewhere near
2 and 2.5
Alexander Superreal classique ,NY, double cut
Marca alto

2,2.5 and 3

RICO royal
Vandoren blue box
RICO reserve

RSJ 2s 2m 2h 3s
2s and 2m also unfiled as well as filed

The closest to sounding good are the rSJ 3s , RICO reserve 2.5 and then blue box vandoren 2.5 but open notes like middle c and a are unstable due to the lack of resistance.

I'm not sure what to do next, short of cutting my own reeds. The other thing of course is to gamble on the 7 being more playable after working on stamina


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