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In a (Senti)Mental Mood

Well played with excellenty fluidity and fine tone. Only criticism is that some of the lower notes are a bit flat. This is a difficult piece with those long sustained notes so it unfirtunately shows when just the slightest bit out.
Must say I was listening to this, really enjoying it and wondering what Wade was complaining about. Then..... I had to agree with him. Otherwise really good!
yeah totally agree - worst note is that bloomin' B below the break - wasn't going to post but then i thought what the hell - I'll see if they spot the deliberate mistake ;} seriously though thanks very much for the feedback!
Very nice melodic improv Tobes:thumb:. I think the long notes could have done with some vibrato, that would have given the piece a more personal feel.

just can't do vibrato - sounds too manufactured when I do it and the timing of the wobbles throws me also :-(
Nice, very nice to my untrained ears :thumb:
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