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Improvised mini-smoke house....

has anyone here got any expereince of improvising a mini smokery. I've got numerous chili plants which look as if they're going to be bursting with Jalapenos in a few months time... tempted to try and smoke a load of them to make chipotl.... any tips, links etc appreciated... maybe some home made chipotl too!


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Hi Jules!

The general advice re smoking chillies is:

Best to Cold Smoke - a DIY method (with low heat) would be to use a kettle barbeque where moist wood chips are put on top of the coals so that the heat is minimised but good smoke production results. An upturned large metal bowl placed on a cheap bbq (as you find at garages) should be fine to try, with bowl as lid, providing the air can escape.

Best to use larger, ripe chillies only - preserve small ones in some seasoned olive oil in spotlessly clean jar etc.

Use unblemished chillies only.

Smoking with a BBQ (low heat) should be for about 1/2 day, with the wood chips being topped up. Hot smoking in not good as it cooks the chillies and turns them to mush, so you would need to check them regularly.

They are ready when they are brown, leathery dry and light in weight. They need to be kept in an airtight container.

I have never smoked anything before, so this is not based on experience, but sounds worth a try. The other option might be to contact a local smokery to see what they would charge, which may be quite cheap (who knows?).

Kind regards

Look up which seems to be really helpful -incldes how to Cold Smoke in a cardboard box!
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