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Recognising my current inability to get my head around improvising, I am thinking that maybe a 1 to 1 workshop might help me.
Do such things exist? Does anyone know of any in the Midlands? Is there anyone out there who feels they could teach me how to improvise?

I have read many of the threads on here, and understand the priciples, but when faced with 64 bars of backing track and a jumble of chords that I'm supposed to work around, I seem to have lost it completely!
If left to amble up and down the blues scale, I can just about get comfortable, but that isn't likely to pass me my grade 6 exam.

Sadly I need help! :crying:

Can't help with the workshop but you might want to look at the Creative Saxophone series of books by Santin and Clark. There are three, Creative Saxophone (beginners), Improvising and Workbook (intermediates). They come with play along CDs and are specifically for improvising. I can't remember where I bought them but any decent outlet will supply them.
Lloyd, Many thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately, I have the Impro one, as the piece for my exam is from there.
I've read it all and I understand the theory and principles, but I think I need some practical support.
Improvisation workshops

This may be difficult if you are in the Midlands but Pete Canter here in Exeter is a sax teacher who teaches improvisation on any frontline instrument. In particular he also runs group improvisation workshops with his band about twice a year, for intermediate and advanced students. I went to one and it was the most useful and inspirational music day I have had. I know some people who attended travelled a long way to attend. See www.petecanter.com for more detail.

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