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Saxophones I'm getting a C melody sax soon!


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Hi All, I'm hopefully buying myself a c melody sax soon to take along to a blues group that I 'jam' with on wed evenings. I've never really thought of having a c melody before as they seem pretty pointless in this modern age, but after watching/listening to youtube videos it has really changed my opinion. I feel that they have been left on the shelf and shouldn't have been. They have such a lovely mellow sound and are like the 'ideal man' of the saxophone world as they are in between an alto & a tenor! Just my thoughts :) does anyone else play one of these, just for fun etc?
They can be really good if you get the right mouthpiece. I've got an old Conn and a modern-ish Vito which both sound good, as does my C soprano.

What C melody are you getting ?

A great album to show what a C melody can do in the right hands is Scott Robinson's "Melody in the Sky" - what an excellent jazz player.

Have you got any good examples of the C melody playing the blues ?

As Rhys said if you get the right mouthpiece they can sound good,i have a 87 year old King and i have gigged with it with both alto and tenor mouthpieces, although have not been able to find the right C mel mpc yet.

Good luck with your new horn.

I really like mine. I've got a Conn straight neck C, which I also often use with an Aquilasax curved neck. I use a metal tenor piece on the curved neck, usually a Brilhart Level Air 9. On the straight neck I use a home made C mel mouthpiece - a converted Metalite (see another thread on the site about C mel mouthpieces).

In both cases I like the sound and have no problems with tuning. It's great for playing along with my daughter when she plays her guitar - saves the brain ache of transposing as I play.
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