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Humour If you didn't feel old??

When my now 18 yo daughter was about 6, we visited some Finnish friends in the Netherlands who had a wall clock made from a 12" vinyl LP.

Her reaction was very similar - "wow! look at that HUGE CD!"

Although we have a cupboard full of LPs and singles, I don't think the children have ever actually seen them.
Similar experience here when my 10 year old daughter cam in and saw the turntable I had set up to play some vinyl...

"I know what that is, it plays those big black CDs . . . " she told me authoritively :D
Also it got me thinking when we had a band practice on Sunday and one of our guys brought along an old top loading cassette recorder to record some of the stuff we were doing. It made my wonder how many of the 'younger' bands using the other rehearsal rooms would even know what it was :D

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