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Beginner If this sax can be repaired

Stephen Howard

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What that is, is one of these:

Pretty much anything can be repaired - it just depends how much money you want to throw at it.

It's missing the G key, and the associated upper pillar. You'll be very lucky if you can find any spares, which means having the missing bits made from scratch - or more likely made from parts which can be adapted to fit. It wouldn't be cheap - and what with the other repairs likely to be need to bring it up to playing condition it might not be worth it.


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Yup. What you would need is a donor G key from another instrument which could be modified to work with that horn. THAT is an INTERESTING your (Stephen's) review notes in the postcript you added at the end....almost everything about this model is JK, and looking at all of the details, IMHO this was NOT manufactured by Schenklaars at all...because your typical JK-ish Schenklaars-assembled horns usually have some very clear details which ARE JK but also several which are absolutely NOT JK (such as pinky table, bellbrace, and keyguards)...while this one - as Steve's friend noted - is really a dead-on Couf II.

I would therefore lean towards this being mfr'd by JK, 100% and just branded Schenklaars. Or certainly all parts mfr'd by JK and at most ASSEMBLED by Schenklaars.
Perhaps the latter company's attempt to offer an elevated, 'pro' model during this period (?) had them contract JK for complete fabrication.

Problem here is - Rayan is in Saudi Arabia...I am not sure how many woodwind/reed/band instrument repair technicians there are near you, Rayan. To replace the missing key would really require someone with some experience in repair/servicing - it is NOT a do-it-yourself repair.

However, ONCE the G key situation WAS resolved, getting the sax playing again COULD conceivably be a do-it-yourself endeavor (albeit a time-consuming one, which would require a fair amount of online research and some trial-and-error).

If you were here, I'd say 'send her over to me' I could resuscitate her for around $400-500usd, into full playing shape. But....

As the horn now is, it would be worth around $150-175 on eBay (US). In completely serviced & playable condition, it would not be worth what a Couf II would be (due to the Schenklaars branding)...but it would probably fetch around $700usd.
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I have saxophone withdrawal symptoms
Hello everyone I’m new here and I found this saxophone thrown next to my house and I want to know if I could be repair it.
We have different kind of junk here... :headscratch:

I hate horns missing keys. That sort of negligence should be punished to the full extend of a law that unfortunately doesn't exist... YET!
We have different kind of junk here... :headscratch:
Living in Switzerland, I expect someone will discard a Selmer SBA any time now, on the basis that the lacquer has worn off.

(Got my SA80 II tenor for CHF 150 because it's been sat in its case for a decade and needed a bath - posted that pic in another thread ...)

Rayan H

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Ok really thanks everyone I think I will keep it as decoration in my room and buy one to learn


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If you can get it repaired at a sensible price, you'll have a fabulous sounding sax. Schenkelaars stopped making saxes a long time before they stopped selling them. This does look like it was made by Keilwerth. As said above.
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