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Saxophones Identify this strange looking horn?


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This doesn't appaear to be a standard looking alto sax. All the levers and buttons are in different places and one seems to be missing compared to the standard set up. The mark on the side says "V V". Could anyone tell me anything more about it? Thanks.
Have you any idea how old it is or more info?

It's one of two things - either a very early alto, possibly pre-WWI. Or one of what someone here referred to as a saxophone shaped object, a junk indian copy of an original Sax alto. The neck angle is like an early Sax sax, if so you'd expect it to have 2 octave keys. Also the instrument is keyed down to B, not Bb, which explains the 'missing' key on the bell - normal on early saxes.

Comparing it to my early alto the bell brace/neck brace look too modern. Keywork also looks too modern - the 'pearls' on the key touches, rollers on the C/Eb and the LH table. I remember reading that the Indian junkers had red pads, can't tell from here.

Better pics would help, but I'm a tad suspicious and without good evidence that it's an old instrument, I'd treat it as a saxophone shaped object.
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It's what's known as an 'SSO' - saxophone shaped object. Look superficially like a vintage Couesnon or the like, but in reality is a very badly made Indian thing which I can't even bring myself to call a sax. Crop up on eBay from time to time, usually sell for less than fifty quid. Real value about fifty pence. Buyer beware.
yes, Stephen Howard wrote about this type of Indian saxophones look for it on his site

they are Indian " simulacra " of a saxophone . I see them all the time and they are always advertised as an object that someone has found in a abandoned attic . The funny thing is that there are also brasswinds with Identical brand name and serial number!They appear in car boot sales regularly and due to their old looks someone always buys then, realise after a while that they bought a pice of junk and so they all end up being auctioned . You can also have the misfortune to buy one on line like this one

at Alto Saxophone

or this one
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