I Was in the Area!

Screamin Wind

I had to go down to South Wales today, so I thought & I did, call into "Studio Saxophones" in Abergavenny.

This was the first time I'd met Peter (Birdman) & we had a chit chat about various topics on saxophones & mouthpieces & he showed me some of the P. Mauriat & Bauhaus -Walstein horns he stocked.

I did like the Mauriat's but a little out of my range...:(
The BW's are truly value for money & well made & I can see why some of you guys rave about them...:D
When Peter has his new shipment of BW's delivered I'm going to call in again & have a look over the lacquer free tenor.

I found Peter to be a very pleasant knowledgeable guy, who gave me his time & advice without at all being pushy or in my face after a sale.

I sure in the future I'll be doing business with this man!


It would be nice to visit a knowledgeable shop with lots of saxophones to try

I might have to plan a bit of a trip

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