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Recording I want to record myself, what's the best way?

dave 645

So I have been playing a few months and the purpose of recording myself is to get some perspective on how it sounds to someone else. In my head I know how I sound, but I am sure I have that distorted version that is similar to listening to one's own answering phone. I have a camcorder, and have made a few videos in the past, but never where the sound was important.
So my question is what equipment I will need to get an accurate/decent recording of my own sax playing. I am not looking to publish/sell my stuff, I just want to hear it.

Any ideas/experience that you care to share would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Dave, this question has been asked many time s before, some times if you use the search facility at the top right corner of the page it will bring up some great answers and you may be able to find what your after.
I posted a link to some really good advice on home recording here. Its two video's made by a very well respected cafe member. have a look. Your bound to find it useful.

half diminished

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Pete is correct, a quick search on here will illicit loads of info and there are a number of options that are quite simple too. I use a usb condenser mic that I bought off here for around £50 which works great with something like Audacity or if you have a mac Garage Band. The other short term costless fix is to play right up against a wall or even into a corner. You'll get some great feedback as to how you sound to others that way. You can even buy a sound reflector, another subjects that's recently been discussed here to great effect.

Let us know how you get on.

dave 645

I know I could search this, but I like talking face to face ;-) What's a Zoom H4 or H2?
Thanks also to Half Diminshed, your comments were gladly received. I tried the youtube videos, but to be honest it was way beyond where I am.


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Zooms are digital recorders with good built in mics. H2 is cheaper and does surround sound. H4 has fewer mics and better quality for more money. Try Ebay for best prices.


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Zoom H2s are great for home recording. Dead easy to use, surprisingly good sound quality, small enough to fit in your pocket and cheap. You can get one off eBay for around £150 new, or they go for about £100 used. Just make sure you get a UK spec one or you'll have to use it on batteries all the time. No need to faff about with mikes, sound cards or software.
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