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i think theres a mouse got in my sax


linc's (between boston & spalding
i have been practicing every day and thought i was starting to get the idea :welldone but now i seem to squeak a lot in my mind i can see the note i am tryin g to play but then a squeak comes out tell i have a mouse:))) cos it can't be me surly :shocked:

in chris's dairy it mentions about sqeaking and says it's a sort of right of passage does that i am getting better or worse.
still back to see teacher tomorrow night he'll know
well got to go i've got an apple needs polishing;}
Try changing the reed as some reeds squeak and can't be fixed. Also, make sure that the reed is fitted to line up neatly with the tip and side rails. A poorly fitted reed will squeak. It does get a bit frustrating at times. Keep at it and you'll get there.

The other possibility is that your mouthpiece is slightly wonky, but otherwise the above is pretty much spot on - squeaking is a sign of some air escaping - so reed, mouthpiece and embouchure are the main possibilities..............

Kind regards
a squeek is really a note. It is a harmonic of the note you are really trying to play. Don't be discouraged. Keep practicing. Make sure you have a good reed. Your embouchure will eventually strengthen and the squeeks will go away. Keep the faith.
hi thanks for replys i wont give up but it is annoying when it keeps happening,
i was wondering if reed strength would have any thing to do with it ,or am i just barking up the wrong tree,
oh well of to the gym then back for more practice,then lesson tonight.
i wanted to show some improvement to my teacher but then i might being hard on myself as usual
keep blowing
Hi Pip!

Reed strength can be a factor, certainly. The harder a reed is the harder it can be to blow and the more pressure on your embouchure seal - which can lead to an air leak, and a squeak. Look at a reed chart to see what are softer reeds, as not all reeds are the same hardness even when their numbers are the same. A Vandoren Traditional reed is pretty hard in comparison to a Rico Royal, which is harder than a Marca Jazz for example. Trying a 1.5 strength reed of some sort may help clarify the problem. Some firms sell sets of reeds of different strengths and I will do some research on this before I go to my gym. Good luck tonight, whatever happens - with your lesson I mean!;}

Kind regards
Having done some research it may be an idea to look online at where they sell individual reeds made by Rico and Vandoren, and also mixed sets of either one or the both combined. I would personally recommend getting at least 2 Rico Orange, Rico Royal and/Rico Jazz Selects at their lowest strength( 1.5 and 2s respectively), or a mixed set at lowest strength reeds to see what suits. Also sell Rico Royals in sets of 3 for £5.70, and Rico Orange for £5.17.

Kind regards
or change the reed for a slightly harder one. My teacher said that once a beginner starts to make some good progress, the next stage may well be lots of squeeks as your embouchere becomes better, causing more squeeks because you started on a softer reed. So if you could go up half a grade in reed strength?

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