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Beginner I sound like a pea shooter

Ian Crowson

Southsea, Portsmouth
Help! I'm a beginner on Alto and been blowing for about three months. I'm starting to play simple tunes but when I blow, especially the first note, I sound like a pea shooter. A sort of ttuff sound. I try to tongue less but can't stop it. :shocked:
Any suggestions very welcome as this is not a musical type of noise (nor is the rest but this is bad)
Perhaps you are using to much air (to ferociously) to get the first note going. Maybe you could experiment with using as little air as possible and still make the note.
At the risk of sounding flippant,
Maybe your next reed will change things a bit.
Its most likely related to your air stream/embouchure/mouthpiece/reed/ and or, technique.
These things become habitual for relatively short periods of time and you have to persevere.
Good Luck you'll crack it.
Hi Ian!

What is your Mouthpiece/Ligature/Reed set-up? I am curious as to whether your mouthpiece is too large or too small, whether your reeds are too hard or too soft, whether your ligature fits well, or is too tight. That is, whether your equipment is contributing to this problem or whether it is more about your embouchure, technique etc.

If you have been "blowing for three months" you may need a break and get some sleep..........................................:shocked::w00t:;}
Thanks for the suggestions. Few more details. I have a Yamaha YAS25 which was checked out by my then teacher and said to be in excellent playing order. I have a Yamaha 6c and mostly use Rico Royal 2.5 reeds although I was using 1.5 then 2.0 and I've tried 3.0 and not found much difference to problem of the noise. I have also tried the 4c that came with the sax, my teacher said I needed a larger opening, certainly seems easier to get most of notes.
I spend about an hour a day in total on scale, long notes and tunes.
Its not a nice sound!

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