I recorded an album with Max Ionata, a really great tenor player!

Sometime ago I recorded an album with one of the major jazz players of the italian scene (and not only), a really great tenor player that maybe you might know: Max Ionata.
It has been a wonderful experience to me , very challenging and very stimulating at the same time.
I wrote all the tunes of that record, a two tenor sax project.
I decided to share this experience on my youtube channel.
This is the first episode.
The next week I will upload the second one: A sax battle with a giant...
So you will discover if I survived that battle or if I went to the jazz hospital...
Bye, hope you enjoy the video

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGnjhHkIgdY


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Fantastic Fabrizio.
What an experience that must have been.
Max Ionata is one of my favourite players.
Time feel, melodic lines, phrasing.... all fantastic....but particularly his sound.
He is the reason I bought a Navarro Maestra. In particular, his playing
on “ but not for me”, and a masterclass that he gave in Moscow.

Of course, I immediately sounded like him!!!! It was unbelievable !!!!!!
Thank you brianr, oh yes it has been a great experience, something that I will remember!
Max is a great player, and a nice man.
I love when you are in the studio and you feel the adrenaline that puhes you to try to do your best.
Bye the way, I forgot to enable the English subs, now they work!

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