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I need some suggestions for tunes to play on the bari


Busking Oracle
Rugby UK
I've been playing with the bari for a while now and I've discovered some great tunes such as Love letters, Sunny side of the street, Cry me a river, Cheek to cheek, Endless love and Stuck on you. But my ideas seem to have dried up! I cant think of anything to play, so come on you lot, what would you play on a bari?
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Oh my god, I nearly melted. That's absolutely fantastic! I'm speechless.........

Who's the bari player?
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There are a lot of soul covers in the same vein by the Gadd Gang on 'East meets West'
and probably all on you tube.
The DVD is available as my copy must be nearly worn out :thumb:
The sax player is called Ronnie Cuber..Nice post Trev..:welldone:welldone
I didn't think it looked like Ronnie, but I guess this is an early 70's 80's video.
Taz thats a big subject!!!>:) " As Time Goes By" :thumb:" Body and Soul" :thumb: Google the top 100 Jazz Ballads and see what you might fancy having a go at:mrcool. Have a look at Gerry Mulligan see if there is anything that he has done that calls out to you. Plus you know I can probably find the backing track for you..:)
Harlem Nocturne
Round Midnight
Bluesette( would be different 3/4 time)
Wonderful Tonight ( Clapton)

The list could go on for a long time..

Sounds great Fraser, just not quite my thing. I should have specified that I'm after ballad style..... Not really sure what to be honest, hence the request for input.
Some songs I try, or tried my bari is resting most of the time, to do. I think the bari comes out fine on songs like this:
When Something Is Wrong with My Baby (Hayes-Porter)
Every Beat Of My Heart (Otis)

I listened to Booker T & The MG's versions.
A Change Is Gonna Come (Cook)
Please Send Someone To Love (Mayfield)
When A Man Loves A Woman (Lewis-Wright)
Some great tunes there Thom, I'll have a play with them tomorrow. Any more anyone?
Listening to Ronnie Cuber (beautiful sound :shocked:), I don't think I'll be posting any sound clips,......... EVER :crying:
don't get around much any more
blues in the night
besame mucho
there's a great mancini film tune called- experiment in terror (the champs' versions great... not exactly a ballad, more sort of 'soul stomp')
anyone suggested night train yet....?
I've allways wondered what the Pink Panther theme would sound like on Bari. Also the old Phil Spector stuff eg Da Do Ron Ron, with Steve Douglas on Bari on the solo's, also stuff like Will you still love me Tomorrow that kind of thing.
Regards Rob.
As an afterthought how about Mr Sandman?
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How's about. Damn he snuffed, a laid back version of the last part of Beethoven's Ninth? Should be able to get down and dirty or light and romantic with it as the deaf Ludy intended.
How about "Old Git",

I can't find the music, but here's the lyrics:

Old Git

Old Git was a bari wise man
He sailed o'er the world on a catamaran
he despised music theory
but his music wasn't dreary
as he mesmerized the mermaid Marianne

Legends claim he played a game
of tension and release
Rumors say, it was his way
to be moody and caprice

Moonlight danced across the sea
the mermaid sitting upon his knee
he fingered out a melody
that became this very song

The words survived through endless time
but the tune was lost at sea
no one now, will ever hear
this awesome bari melody


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