i need some advice

i decided recently to purchase a clip on microphone, since I like to move around a bit when I play and I found being stuck in front of a mic stand a bit inhibiting.
after searching around and talking to a few players I settled on a microphone made by a company called JTS.
I am a bit wary of buying thing on the net , so i ordered it through my local music shop (they also recommended this company and its products) anyway after six weeks of waiting it arrived today and I rushed home only to find that the elasticated covering over the clamp has a small split in it.should i go back to the music store and demand that they get JTS to send me another one ?bearing in mind that i have already waited six weeks for this!
Or should i contact the company to find out if there is any way of replacing the elasticated clamp covers without sending the mic back


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Personally, if its an easy piece to replace yourself, then I'd take a picture of it and email the company directly. Explain how and why you purchased their wonderful item, explain the problem with your photographic evidence, explain the six week wait and see what they say. The part may be in the return post, you never know! It doesn't hurt to talk.
Good luck
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