Sheet Music I need simple sheet music!


The cheap end of Brighton
I wonder if anyone can point me towards the big online stack of sheet music I'm looking for?

Surely there must be somewhere where I can pick up some simple un-copyrighted tunes to practice with.. I've found a scant few and am getting on well with a copy of 'Waltzing Matilda' I found, I just figure there must be loads somewhere but I can't find them.

Any clues anyone?
Now there's something to be getting on with, thank you!

I did see one or two of those sites but any sight of 'my basket' and 'membership' and I'm too much of a skinflint to stick around long enough to notice any free stuff! The irony!
Why didn't I look on here first? This site has everything in the whole world-

I even found the Waffen SS songbook on there, if it's simple enough for a Nazi to play, then I should be alright ;}

..Blimey, I've hit a rich seam..

although I can't see any Bb stuff on there..
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