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Clarinets i made a boo boo


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hi i posted info of missies clarinet this morning i looked around again and broped on to buffets site were you can enter serial number it came back as being a bc1231 made in 1983 not as i said it was now i have to find ruff price as she wants to sell it any clues where i can find out

and yes i think its plastic

If it's plastic it's not a BC 1231. That's a couple of thousand quid's worth, and is made of high quality african blackwood.
well i dont no then it as serial numbers on both joints 273933 and faided marks on mp its a dotted ovel with the words Buffet Crampon paris bc with letters p 165 116 and ws b 440 it as no ajustable thumb rest fixed with 2 screws and no strap ring
Mouthpiece could be from another instrument.

Are you sure there are no other markings on the joints or bell.

Some photos may help.
The faded marks on the mouthpiece probably say Buffet Crampon Et C. That's & Co. to us. They use a peculiar squiggle for the E. You can always sell it as an unbranded instrument. There are plenty of them around. As Kev points out the mouthpiece was probably bought as an upgrade.

pics of clarinet

i have added pic if you can help identify it serial number 273933 but its plastic

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