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Saxophones I know I don't need one, but it matches the big one, so...


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My original Jericho J6 alto, 2012 vintage is almost mint. It plays almost as well as my SA80II did.
I don't need it, I don't really ever play it because my SDA eclipses it.
But I'm loathed to be without it "just in case..."

So what have I gone and done? Bought another one. The last of the new ones!

Three weeks ago I asked Becky what had happened to Jericho (See: Beginner Sax - Jericho Saxophones are back!) and she happened to mention she had just one tenor and one alto left. So I bought the tenor a few weeks back but then the other day I thought "matching pair, last ones ever perhaps?", nice to have two mint ones, the last ever sold, each set up by Steve Howard, and also it would be interesting to compare the new alto against my "vintage" Jericho side by side.

That Becky added "This alto was one that Steve loved. The factory I used is pretty standard with its consistency and every so often you get a little gem" kind of sealed my fate. :oops:

I'm guessing the loser of the alto test will be up for sale, but what if they both play the same! o_O

This sort of closes off my involvement with Jericho since the early "pass around" in 2012/13: Saxophones - Review of the 'Academy Jericho' Alto sax & Mk11

Yes, I am mad. Two new horns in two weeks, albeit cheapies. Just goes to show that some cheapies punch way above their price.

I do hope they come back to market for all to enjoy and will keep in touch with Becky for any early signs of recovery.


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