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I just hit the 2nd E flat and 3rd B flat overtones!


Milton Keynes (ish)
I've been struggling with the 2nd Eb overtone (3rd harmonic) for some time, but have finally nailed it. The trick I found - out of frustration TBH - was to sing the note into the mouthpiece and then, as quick as possible, blow the note. Note "imagination" made real, if you like. Voila! Out it popped. A little bit of practice later and the sung note is so short, it's virtually not there. It seems to me that the ability to start the note quickly with a lot of pressure (= diaphragm strength and control) is the key, as well as the note imagination (= vocal chord and embouchure shape) bit.

I then realized that the 3rd B flat overtone (4th harmonic) is the same note and I cracked that too. It needs a *lot* of diaphragm support to produce it cleanly, but it's there!

Hope this helps someone else out there.
It must be quite similar to playing the trumpet. With pressing no valves I can blow C G C E G Bb C, but I must have the note in my mind in order to play it.

Congratulations on an important personal achievement!
Kind regards
Nice one Joel! It's a great feeling when it comes together! I'm only going up as high as F# on the Palm Keys! Altissimo isn't something I've gotten around to yet! Having said that, thanks for the tip! Might give it a whirl later to see how badly I can blow it :)))
Well done on reaching your set goal! :welldone

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