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I found a piece of cork!


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This is a long shot, I know.
When putting my saxes away today, I found a pice of cork on the floor.
It's round - about 5mm in diameter and 3mm thick.
I believe it's come off one of the saxes.
I have had a good look, pressed every key to see whether it needs a cork, located 3 other pieces of cork of similar size and shape, but so far no located the gap, where this piece belongs.
I've put it away safely - hmmm where have we heard that before - no, really, I've put it in a little clear plastic bag with a zip top, inside the pouch that my baritone mouthpiece and other bits live in.
For those who might be real experts, I have a Yani A901 alto and a John Packer 044 Bari.
Anyone any ideas where this piece of cork might belong??
I don't know Yani's or JP's at all but here's a wild stab in the dark - behind the octave key?
This is probably too obvious, but there'e a circular cork under the post thingy that stops the C# key from going down too far.
I once had a similar size cork fall off, and found it was from under the teardrop shaped key(sorry don't know what it's called) above the b key.
If you press anything sharply or release it quickly is there any metallic noise that sounds like it should be suppressed?
I have located it!! :shocked:
I think it's from the back of the low-A key. Mind you the key doesn't reach anywhere near the body of the sax when depressed, so I'm not sure it was doing anything very useful. There is a circular-shaped roughness on the back of the key, which would suggest something was once stuck there.
Is there a safe way to stick it back on? or should I hold on to it until the sax needs a service??
Many thanks for all your suggestions.
And it gave me an opportunity to have a good explore of both saxes :)))
I'd stick it back on. Use a contact adhesive. UHU/Bostick or the usual favourite, Evo Stick.

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