I forgot where I got this Band in the Box Article on here

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I got this from another post. The link is http://sjtunstall.net/music.htm. There are a lot of Band in the Box files in here. 514 to be exact. I am a newbie to band in the box, but the load into band in the box quite nicely, and can be saved as a common midi, and then loaded into Finale, and Wham! you got a new arrangement you can play with your sax!! Maybe Band in the Box will print music but I dunno yet.


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WOW! A treasure trove of great BIAB files here!
I generally use BIAB to edit out melodies so I can use the edited backing tracks in live performance via my laptop through my sound system. These files are great in that I can edit out the melody and tweek the background a bit, record the changes and voila! Good enough to jam with!!
Martin Funderburk may have just lost a few custom trax sales from me! LOL!!
Thanks! Great post!!!
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