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How to turn this in to a Real SOLO


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Hi everybody,

I recently arranged a euro house music song from the nineties for marching band (sort of marching band really.., for details read my introduction).

The first 5 measures are for me to solo on (on alto), after the formate the drummer hits his sticks 4 times and then the rest of the band comes in. the solo theme is now repeated only adding rythm, piccolo, flute and trumpet.

(click on image to make larger)

what is love.jpg

Now this was quite a task to arrange the whole piece, and I kinda' lost inspiration now!

What are your ideas/hints/tips to make this into a REAL solo. also I found that these arent the most beautiful notes to solo on..

my setup: Cannonball Alto wth Lebayle metal jazz 8 and Legere 2½

hope you can help!

and here`s the original..
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I would just mess around on a (concert G) minor pentatonic with a tiny bit of blues scale thrown could use some of the long lyrical parts of vocal melody to break up the above - hope that helps a bit?


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thank you artylady..

you gave me an idea. I'm going to improvise then i'm going to lead that into the solo, resolving the improv. into the first note of the first 5 measures.
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