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How to repair a ding


I've discovered a bit of a ding on the base of the tube just above the bow. It's on a Trevor James Revolution II alto horn and I notice that the tube appears to be detachable. A bit of a rhetorical question, but how easy would it be to repair and what sort of cost? I'm thinking of upgrading and would quite like it to be ding-free before I sell it.
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Personally, I'd take it to a professional "ding remover" if your planning on selling the horn on you'll want it done properly.
Good luck with it ;}


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It shouldn't be expensive - it's a short job. Gotta be careful how I describe it.

The ding remover is a steel ball mounted on a long spring. Spring end goes in a vice, sax goes over the ball until it's lined up with the ding. Then they bash the spring with a mallet. Ball bashes dent out. I'd guess there's quite a bit of skill involved.

Probably other methods as well.


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some dents on the bow can be attacked without having to remove the bell and bow section either by using a steel ball mounted on a rod or by using a magnetic dentball set - but it will depend on how accessible the dent is.

either way you must bear in mind that in pushing the dent back out you will be in effect, just as the cause of the dent, stretching the metal so there is a possibility of scarring and the lacquer "crazing very slightly"

also removing the bell section and putting it back in the correct place so that the impressions caused by the toneholes on the pads on Low Eb, Low C, Low B and Bb line up with their respective tone holes is not as straightforward as it may first seem.

as for cost - that would depend on the size and nature of the dent and its accessibility. I charge by the hour for jobs like these and my rate is £25.

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