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Beginner How to hold a tenor

Tommy Ng

South Yorkshire
I know different people do it differently. It also depends on your height.

I am not tall, about 5' 6''. Sometimes i hold my tenor right in front of my body but it stress my hands too much. I also tried to hold it on the right side of my body but i have to bend my head to reach the mouthpiece and my hands don't feel comfortable as well.

How should i hold a tenor? :confused:
I hold my tenor in front of my body, but I rest the bell in my crotch area. That way I don't have any weight or stress on either of my hands/arms.

Nick, bell in crotch sounds quite painful!!:)

Tommy, I just went to a teacher tonight and he helped me sort out my posture problems (in my case problems with left hand placement)- i reccomed it to you if you can find a teacher or experienced player. I'm feeling a lot more confident that I can sort my problems out now. Good luck!
so much for how to hold a tenor I'd like to know how to blow one!:w00t:

I think from my limited experience tenors vary a bit - I bought and sold a german tenor that was very uncomfortable,tried a yani copy that was also a bit uncomfortable -my hands really didn't feel right ,I've tried 2 others and both feel ok whether held to the side or in front.

being only 2 days into owning a sax I,m wondering what Im doing -yesterday Icouldn't get any sound from B A OR G, just D E AND F, today the sound is much nicer and I can get gde and f so I think its my current lack of ability -any tips other than keep going or get a teacher:D
keep going and get a teacher :p

I'm still struggling on- with my new hand position I can open the octave key without sliding my thumb or flapping my elbow (don't ask!), but my wrist hurts like a bugger. I'll give it a bit longer before I consider anything drastic like a trip to an instrument repairer!! Interesting to see you have a similar issue- horns not feeling right. Unfortunately I bought mine!
It is generally accepted that a Tenor is held out in front of you when standing, or to the right of your body when seated. Really though you should find a position that is comfortable for you but definitely keep your head up and neck straight!

Regards, Mike
Also meant to say, the weight of the horn should be borne on the sling or harness, you should never bear the weight of the instrument on your thumb, this just causes your hand to ache very quickly and impairs your playing ability this is not what the thumb rest is for.

If you are having trouble with the weight of the instument try something like a neotech padded sling or a harness for extra support or comfort.

Regards, Mike.

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