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Tone How to develop a good control over dynamics. Quite basic, but...

Hi, I know that this topic can be really basic, but I personally firmly believe that even after many years of study, gigs, studio work, and lots of stuff we should practice some basic topics such as long tones and dynamics.
I also believe that we become aware of our sound by practicing long tones and how to apply dynamics on different ranges from fff to ppp and from ppp to fff.
I called this series "zen and the art of saxophone sound", because these studies are meant to be practiced really slow, focusing on deep listening, as a meditation.
It could be very simple on some notes, but quite difficult on other ones, such as pianissimo (ppp) in the altissimo range.
Anyway, I shared here something that I like to do to get better at dynamics, and also keeping a constant intonation.
Feel free to leave a comment or a different approach to this topic, of course.
Have a good jazz day, bye

P.S. Enable English subtitles in the menu if you need, I am Italian.


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