• Eligibility to post classifieds

    The Yardsale is not intended for use by people joining the forum purely to sell an item, so members must have at least 40 posts to be eligible. However new members may post if they either:

    • upgraded their account with an annual (not monthly) subscription. This is for access to sell without needing the 40 posts and the contribution after a successful sale still applies.
    • or pay the 5% contribution on the initial listing price up front (non refundable) then a listing will be allowed.

    In either case please contact us if you are not yet able to posts

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How to buy, list and pay via the yardsale

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All transactions must be made between the two parties. Cafesaxophone can not be held responsible for any problems with the transactions.

Payments for listing your ad:​

Note that we now ask for a specific minimum, so it's more like a listing fee that you only pay if your sale is successful, we no longer class the payments as donations (of course you are welcome to donate more than the 5%)

Yardsale (Classifieds) Rules

All the money that is paid or donated is still going to the same fund, for info and donations see

Donations (ie listing fees) for successful sales should be made using the Yardsale buttons at the bottom of the page.

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This might seem crazy, but here goes.

I often see items on the Yard that I may be interested in buying but am not sure of the procedure.
What are the actual mechanics of buying?
Not purchased via the yard myself but I imagine if you are interested in an item then send the seller a private message and arrange the deal between you off the boards.

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Let's take it step by step
1. Click on yardsale payments
2. Enter the amount in name your price.
3. Click add to cart
4. Click on your cart at the top of the page
5.Click proceed to checkout
6. You can then either complete the form or click returning customer and log in
7. If you click returning customer it takes you back one step but then when you proceed again all your details are completed for you :) all you need do then is type in the box top right "additional info" to tell us what you are donating for.
8. At the bottom of the page choose your payment method
9. Tick agree to terms
10. Continue to payment or proceed to PayPal

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