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How often do you get your sax serviced?


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I've been struggling with bottom B, Bb and C# for a little while now. It's only when I notice that a screw was missing on the right hand stack did I decide to give it the once over. Graham de Vere White of Prozone Music in Chesham charged me £53 for a check over, adjusting the action and replacing the screw. Plays like a dream now. And there was me thinking I was c**p.

Should have gone earlier, I suppose.
I aim for once a year, give or take a month or two and I give my sax a good clean and oil every 4-6 months. Which reminds me, I think I'm over due my yearly visit, but having just paid out for a service, MOT, insurance and roadside assistance for my car, I might limp on for a little while more.

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I've not yet had a sax for 2 years but it would be my intention do get a pro job once a year. I've been tweaking and minor adjusting and oiling the 66RUL as it needs it since I got Stephen Howard's great book which I can recommend. It get's oiled every couple of months or so.

The big thing for me that I can't even attempt is regulation so that will be left to the experts!
I've not yet had a sax for 2 years but it would be my intention do get a pro job once a year.

Shouldn't need to be this often, really. If the horn has been set up properly, it should hold regulation for a long time. My tenor took a knock a couple of years ago and hasn't been consistently right since (just cheap quick fix never last very long). But my alto I had overhauled 6 years ago, it hasn't seen the inside of a shop since, played it between 1 and 6 hours nearly every day since then. Still plays perfect. My point is, a good horn in excellent condition, a proper setup, should last years.

That said, not all horns are equal. Some are softer keywork and don't hold regulation for very long. Every pro I know just plays it every day and gets it worked on when something is wrong. How wrong depends on the player. I have a pretty low tolerance for leaks but I've seen guys gigging on horns I would have considered unplayable.
Reassuring comment from Morgan....! I was beginning to feel guilty that I have not had one for 4 years, but seriously don't notice anything problematic thus far. I can now get on with my trumpet practice..........:w00t:;}

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