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Saxophones How much is my Revolution II sax worth?

Katie Husband

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So hi

I've recently bought a second hand Trevor James Revolution II tenor sax. It's black and gold in colour. I know the model isn't made any more but I want to insure it. I paid £475 for it second hand which is a good deal but what should I be estimating as it's worth?




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If you're looking for a replace with new type of policy, then check the current price of a similar current model. Otherwise try getting an insurance valuation. Curly woodwind in Liverpool shouldn't be too far away and can probably help. Remember to allow for future price increases.


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If it's a replacement with new the current new price would be about £830 for the equivalent new one. If it's a straight reimbursement, somewhere above £500 would be about right. What you need to bear in mind with a valuation is that you should never go for the lower cost saxes sometimes sell for on eBay and the like. In a theft or total loss situation you need to bear in mind what you would have to pay to be sure of getting a replacement of equivalent quality, as opposed to what you might get lucky paying. In reality this usually means a replacement from a shop rather than a private seller, and the insurance valuation should reflect that. In a reputable shop, a used Rev II tenor in great condition would be likely to be about £600.
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