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how hard is it to adjust action?


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Just wondering if it's possible to adjust the action on my yas62 to make it a less stiff. In particular is the Eb right hand key, which is really causing me problems for my RH little finger, because it is really very stiff. The movement from C# to Eb is very difficult, compared with other saxes.

I got the sax used, but I don't think it had been played very much.

Is it very expensive for a tech to do this modification?



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Pop the spring off. If the key moves easily
it's just an overstiff spring. Easy fix


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It's fairly simple to do if you are careful, pop off the spring (with the key still on) if you have a spring hook, or a small crochet hook, or a small piece of metal or wood with a V cut in the end, use it to push the spring gently back towards its latch. hook it on again and test and adjust.

Is very expensive for a tech to do this modification?

If you popped it into me I would do it for free. At most you'll be charged a minimum fee - if that - anywhere else.

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