Saxophones How good IS the Bauhaus-Walstein M2 Tenor?


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Hey there,
I'm a high school student, and am pretty much set on buying a M2 for life.
The thing is, I've never actually tried it!
In Toronto Canada, I've went to shops and tried pretty much everything they had, and my favourite was the YTS-62. This surprised me, because I thought the much more expensive selmer series III and reference tenors would be better, but I liked the 62 the best.
Has anybody tried both the 62 and the BW M2 tenor?
How do you think they compare?
The closest distributor is down in New Orleans, which is a 26 hour drive from where I am.
From the review that Stephen Howard gave, he basically said that the sound of the M2 was better than the 62.
I can't seem to find any sound files on the M2, I can only find stuff on the standard Bauhaus-Walstein tenor. Does anyone have a video or something of the M2 being played, so I can hear approximately what it sounds like?
Thanks for your time guys!

Welcome to this forum.

Given your situation, i would say you should go for YTS62, at least you have tried it and you like it. If you like YTS62, then you probably will not like M2 as they sound quite differently (i heard someone said that). If i am not mistaken, M2 is more focus and YTS is more spread.

Pete has 2 clips using M2 alto, i think they are still on youtube ?!

cheers :)
Try reading Stephen Howard's comments on the M2 on ...Stephen is also a great fan of the Yamaha 62
Since you're buying for the long term, there's another point to consider. The Yamaha's build quality and longevity is not in question and though Stephen Howard indicates that the BW is well-built, its longevity is unknown at present. It's so competitively priced, however, this may not matter so much.


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