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Saxophones How do I distinguish values.


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I am trying to research info about my dad's saxophone. It is inscribed as a Buescher, but according to the serial number it is a selmer-did Selmer keep the Buescher logo after they acquired the company in the early 60's?


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the Netherlands
yes they did and I have had a case for a Selmer-Bundy which had both logo, Buescher and Selmer on it.

Publish some pictures for a valuation. Unfortunately these horns, nice though they might be are not very valuable but they make good players. They used to be the bread and butter of the shops around here but these days are difficult to sell. I personally wouldn’t consider buying one unless very cheap and their overhaul cost can be as high as the second hand value at a private sale (shops tend to sell them for more)
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