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How can I get my tenor replated?


I've just noticed that my sax stand has rubbed the plating off my phosphor bronze BW exposing the metal underneath. I've moved the supporting strap up a bit and it no longer rubs, but a black mark for K & M. My question is, is there any way of getting this repaired fairly cheaply. It doesn't affect the playing but it upsets me.

Pete Thomas

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These saxophones aren't plated, they are lacquered. Plating is a very thin coating of metal, e.g. silver or gold over the body, whereas lacquer is a clear coat of transparent lacquer, which is a type of varnish I suppose.

Sooner or later this usually wears off. In the old days it was very common, todays's lacquers are harder wearing but are still likely to wear. What happens then is the exposed metal will tarnish . This is not actually bad with brass or bronze, it won't disintegrate like iron going rusty and in fact some people like the dull "patina" that develops.

Relacquering is possible and it used to be quite common, not so much now. To relacquer a saxophone properly it's necessary to strip it right down, remove all the old lacquer, have it relacquered and then reassembled. It's an expensive process for a saxophone that does't actually need a full overhaul.

I have heard of people "spot lacquering", ie polishing the dodgy bits and spraying on a local coat of lacquer, but this unlikely to be an invisible or very permanent solution.


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Hi Lloyd,

I've got two K&M sax stands and you got me worried, but looking at my sax the lacquer looks fine.

I remember years ago when posh guitars (Gibson) were finished with nitrocellulose varnishes that there were certain rubbers/plastics used in some guitar stands that chemically reacted to the finish, I wonder if it's a similar thing with the lacquer on the BW?

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Well, what's happened is the lacquer and the coating has been rubbed away, so I am looking at the metal underneath. The K&M stands have a rubber slider that fits on each arm with a kind of bridge tubing to support the instrument. Mine was too low on the arms and so the sax was resting on the metal arm itself. Now that I've moved the tubing up towards the top it is not rubbing anymore. Can the coating and the laquer be applied on this spot only without doing the whole thing, which would be excessive?

Justin Chune

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A friend of mine always wrapped the crook of his music stands with cloth. He wound it on real thick, and his instruments never got marked. A heavy winding of crepe bandage would do the job for you.

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