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Jazz How a sax player can kill a ballad

Was there something wrong with what Mr S was doing? Sounded pretty normal to me. I imagine Marcus Miller knows very well Mr S's style.

i agree with Nick,if you listen to the drums,the tempo changes slightly during the Sanborn solo.
my guess is that the song was arranged like this to add a little light and shade.
as Nick said, these guys have worked together an awful lot,and i dont think either of them would just "wing it"
From a musical point of view he didn't do anything wrong, but from a taste point of view!!!..But isn't that what makes music so interesting...If we all liked the same things, music would be so boring..
From a musical point of view he didn't do anything wrong, but from a taste point of view!!!

Who's taste? Probably not the band's.

Still not sure what those who didn't like it have against it. Did he play too many notes in a slow song? Presumably none of you are fans of Charlie Parker either.
Incredible how a well established musician like Sanborn can be competitive.
MM is not even playing saxophone and Sandborn wants to bury him.

In a recent thread there is a Don Weller version that is suitable for diabetics; this one is too syrupy.
This could get silly but then again>:)http://youtu.be/XAvtD0XxzT4 http://youtu.be/r594pxUjcz4 http://youtu.be/LTdFjlamtrEhttp://youtu.be/EOYYaBBJr_E http://youtu.be/1b5ONXhROIM ...It's that magic word taste !! As for Charlie Parker you are probably right he played to many notes for me..Others may love it I don't..What was the famous Basie quote to Dickie Wells "You don't have to play all you know in one song, leave some for another one"...btw don't give up on the first video Alex Han gets interesting towards the end
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Shame on me.
As a kid I thought that Sanborn was the future of saxophone playing and Rollins was surpassed (and I knew this version quite well).
I can see every point of view mentioned here (nothing like sitting on the fence is there?:w00t:)

But certainly not typical of Sanborn to stray so far given anything I have heard from him before.
Personally though, I didn't think it suited very well.

Now as for Charlie Parker, I like some of it fast or slow (well as close as he gets to slow anyway).
Parkers Mood feels like a ballad yet has fairly fast playing that suits everything around it. I guess thats because its his tune.

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