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My name is Lou and i'm a sax player living in South West Cornwall.

I've been playing for 20 years and have recently taken my ABRSM Grade 8 on Alto sax and received a merit.
I play in a concert band, with a military element but in the past i have belonged to various wind band's and big bands.

I have Grade 5 theory and am now starting grade 6 theory. i am contemplating taking a diploma with the ABRSM but i'm not sure in which direction i now wish to go.

In my heart, i really want to play. I'd love to be involved with theatre, musicals etc or play in a wind band or orchestra of some kind. However, my instrument seems to go against me and the only orchestra that i know of that has a full time sax player is Andre Rieu!
Also, living where i do could potentially hold me back. Although its a lovely part of the world, south west cornwall is very limited on the music front. There are only 3 wind bands in the county that i know of!! So it could be that i have to move progress my career if performing is the route i want to take?

So, i guess my only option is to teach? I do a have a student who is progressing well but i'm struggling to gain experience, having never taught before. I've applied to the school's music services for some unpaid work experience but they won't give me the time of day. Neither will school's etc.
I merely want to see how students are taught, if i'm doing the right thing with me student and more importantly if its something i want to do as a career!

I am fully aware that achieving grade 8 is just the beginning but i don't want to waste it.

Anyway, that's me! I look forward to chatting with some of you soon.



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Hi, Well done on your grade 8!

I'm assuming you only play classical? - I guess it would be quite limited for classical orchestra work (for that reason I only play classical music on my flute and piano, and stick to jazz/rock/pop etc on my saxes) - might be worth looking to try out some of the ABRSM or Trinity jazz grades to expand your styles - it may open some new avenues?

Re teaching - have a look the ABRSM online Teaching Music effectively course - it's very useful and I also took PTLLS (City and Guilds teaching qualification) at adult evening classes.

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Welcome to the caff©, Lou.

I tried to play hot sax but could not stand the burnt lips. BTW:-What is a Grade Eight?

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