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Saxophones Holton Elkhorn Silver Plated Tenor Serial


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We talked about Holton saxes for some years ago and this is what I wrote.

"Holton saxes didn't reach the same level as their brasswinds. The prices on a Holton should lower compared to a Conn, Buescher, Martin or King from the same era. But some models are collectors items. The goldplated Rudy Wiedoft models.

The saxophone star of 20's, Rudy Wieddoft, was an endoser of the Holton Company. The rumour says that Wiedoft found Selmer saxes better and did most of his performances and recordings on Selmers.

It's fun to read old Holton ads/brochures:

"Silver Brazed toneholes"
"The Holton Perfected Saxophone Mouthpiece"; built on a nickelsilver base and covered with Bakelite. Will not wrap or ceack ....
"The Holton Master Keys"; C, D and G# trill keys which revolutionize the playing of the Saxophone.
"The Holton Saxophone Pad"; longest wearing, "Wooltite" felt, waterproofed cardboard, waterproofed kid skin pads .... "

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