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A couple of months ago I finished a major update to the Hohner President page on my Bassic Sax website. The page is now easily navigable, and is richly illustrated with large, clear photos illustrating the various features the Presidents had over their 23 year long production run.

Many of these features were used to develop a categorization system for the models as well, linked to the horns' serial number.

Hohner President saxophones can be divided into three (3) phases—based on their features—with a transitional phase between Phase 2 and 3.
  1. Phase 1: Pre 25XX
  2. Phase 2: 25XX-12XXX
  3. Transitional: 107XX-12XXX
  4. Phase 3: 13XXX +
I have also included an updated, and illustrated serial # chart.

If you're a Hohner President owner, or are looking to buy one of these fine, Max Keilwerth designed horns, then this update has lots of information that will likely be of interest to you.

Now that this brand is done, next up is a major update to the Hammerschmidt page. It will follow along the same lines. I will be breaking down the horns according to model numbers--as well as features.


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This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in these fabulous instruments, I owned one of these for a short period and when I took it in for repair to the Eb rolled tone hole (I'm ashamed to say the full restoration was more than the horn was worth so I had it flatted) the tech was fulsome in his praise for the quality of the construction (he was especially taken with the chess piece appearance of the pillars for the rod mounts and the King-like eyebrow guards).

Another marque akin to my Beaugnier (which has just been restored after a trip South onto a tiled floor, gravity must be stronger here in Cornwall as proved by my weight gain, or could it be Doom Bar and Cream Teas), which does not get the respect it deserves.

Many thanks Helen.


Helen's site in unparalleled - from which I have learned just sooo much. Helen's recent President update is nothing short of stunning. Helen's efforts have taught me "heaps" and now I know my President is a final phase horn from 1966.
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