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Hohner Alto Price reduction


Senior Member
United Kingdom
Afternoon all. I have decided to let this go at what I paid for it more or less. ON E BAY £300 ( BUY NOW ); £200 ( STARTING BID ). Any member can take it for £250. I would prefer collection but if need be add £30 ( Courier tracked P&P ). I am happy to forget a profit in exchange for a quick sale. Rather than constantly checking for PMS; 01514271211 ( Landline ) 07974723661 ( Mobile ). PM if you would rather not call. NOW...back to that Berg!! Have a Good Day. Ade
Just had a look at your eBay listing: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HOHNER-PR...t=UK_Woodwind_Instruments&hash=item25827c4fcd

May I suggest you add to the eBay description the following link: http://bassic-sax.info/version5/vintage-saxes/european-made-saxes/hohner-president

Are you going to regret selling this for £250 once you have a Tenor and tearn for an alto? I've never played one, but it LOOKS fabulous! Love the "eyebrow" key guards.

Good luck with the sale. What Tenor are you after? I could keep a "look out" for one in my idle searching!
HI David, and many thanks. I am not an alto player man. If selling this horn for about what I paid helps the tenorfund then no regrets. As to what tenor?? To be realistic; Pan Am; " Varsity " ( KING STENCIL ), Conn/Martin stencils. A " Truetone " would be unreal!! No regrets David. The alto is a beautiful horn. As for my buying it?? Not one of my better ideas!! Take it easy; Ade:)
Thanks for the pms folks. Still available until, well until it sells I suppose. Seriously if it goes I will be sure to close the thread. Many thanks; Especially good talkin to you Kev!! Ade:)
this is sooooo tempting, i have a major GAS attack and this looks like another cutie to add to m 3 alto's...
what am i thinking, i am just being greedy, but i do feel tempted if the price is right.
OK MPC INCLUSIVE. Ben Davies " Vocaltone ". (#2/3 ) HR; solid silver facing, baffle, and tip. Compliments the silverplate alto nicely. Ade
Hi. I have had enquiries as to whether the Runyon " Quantum6 " is inclusive?? First time around ( selling at £4/600 ) this would have been the case. At the lower price ( £2/300 ) the above mpc. is inclusive. The alto is on E Bay with the Quantum; an oversight. Apologies. Ade


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