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HL sax of Taiwan Alto en Soprano special finish


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I have these two saxophones bought directly from HL sax a Taiwanese company which is selling their horns to others too (Non these are no P.Mauriats!!! ;} ) I happen to know well the owner and I purchased these directly from her at the Frankfurt messe .
Both horns have been used as demo at the fair but they are , in fact, new.

The finish is very special and not for the faint hearted , nevertheless the alto is called Engine model (a similar one is sold in America by a large corporation) and sports adjustable LH palm keys , red brass, black abalone shell touches, a very good ABS GL (a major Taiwanese brand) case.

The soprano is called the Pinko (guess why?) and has a Pink-fosfor finish , brass keywork and Gren Abalone shell touches. this comes in a wooden case covered with leather .

I sell them for 500 € EACH shipped to GB (other places add another 50 €) . I will give 25€ to Pete's Charity for each saxophone. If you should want both I can make you a great deal and sell them for 850€ shipped to GB and with 40€ to Pete (add another 75€ outside of Europe for shipping charges)

these are the links, they are thumbnails you click on them and they show you rather large pictures (click several times to expand) on Imageshack

Yes , not for the Faint-heart........ideal for on stage and for making a powerful statement , by the way Ke, I've sent you a mail with the pictures of my Grassi tenor I believe.
I am prepared to lower the price even further and take the loss but this is rock bottom

400€ , 20€ to Pete's fund including Paypal and shipment to UK

incidentally this is almost (just a different version of the same horn with extra adjustable palm keys but regular bell instead of large bell) sold by L.A. SAX as " spiral diamond model" but they sell it for 1500$! both are made by HL sax of Taiwan

So this is a bargain , methinks!

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