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hi sax advice

Hey Pip,

That's a broad set of questions.
Talk to Jules (on here, from sax.co.uk) about credit, think the 'Take it Away' scheme is still running isn't it? You pay over 9 months at 0%. He'll also tell you they're a great place to buy from!
Others on here will suggest Bauhaus Walsteins, which seem like a great deal, I generally also recommend Trevor James or Yamaha if you're buying second hand to minimise spend, since they're good quality, and easy to mend if they've been mistreated.


If I were in your position I'd decide roughly how much I need to spend, then get a bank loan.
This will give you the flexibility to shop around and buy a second hand instrument that is better than you could afford from a shop.

The other thing, of course, is what you are looking for in a tenor.
There are plenty of used Yamahas about, always a safe bet.
Kev, see my post above yours! I wouldn't expect Jules to lower his bargaining position by posting such information on a public forum, but given that sax.co.uk prices seem about 10% more than other retailers in the UK for many expensive saxes (e.g. Keilwerths) and their economies of scale, I would imagine that there is room for manoeuvre.
If you need to borrow a bit but hate dealing with the banks, you can also try Zopa.
This is a lending scheme that relies on moneys raised from small investors (20 or 30 ) who get a portion of your payments as interest.
It's all above board and secure. I took out a loan for a car after the bank wouldn't lend me such a small amount!!.I have had no problem at all, decent interest rates too.
This was recommended by the BBC money expert last year and the scheme is really taking off.
Banks... don't you just love em.
Sax.co.uk,Howarths of London and Woodwind Exchange at Bradford
i have bought horns off all three and can recommend all of them
The first 2 i believe do cheap or interest free credit,not sure whether Stuart at Woodwind Exchange does but it would be worth a call as he has got the most and some of the best vintage horns in the UK,he also does new as well.

Hi 1954pip

Another option for you would be to get a good second hand quality instrument. I have seen lots of nearly new YTS23 Yamaha's on ebay for sale, as long as you can play them before you buy, even if the sax needs a little bit of work a good set up should be less than £100

I tend to favour the used kit. A lot of bargains there. But some rubbish as well. Patience and discipline are the thing on ebay - and you need to start by putting a realistic value on the sax which includes p&p and a reasonable amount for fettling. Having a good repairer you can trust not to rip you off is another necessity.
hi wow some realy good advice i may just be dreaming but if i am a good boy you never know ,well a big thank you to you all
oh and happy new year to one and all
lets hope this year is better than last
ps i just thought i must have been very lucky when i bought this sax cos i new nothing about a sax and could not play but took some advice from here and what i got seems to be worth what i paid for it .
i don't mind ebay when your talking under £150 but when it gets above that i get very worried and start to wonder if i have been done,
well i will keep my eye out see what comes along i'm in no rush at the mo .
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