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Hi, just moved in from the other town,you know, ***ontheweb

Mr Andersson

New Member
Hi, I'm just moving from one sax town to a better Saxophone town. I upset a few people with what I thought was a pretty tame comment about people posting waste of time, silly, vague answers that don't help in answering questions. I hope replies in forums, about saxophone questions, will help to solving the relevant question and not disappear off on a long & winding road in a totally different direction.(or at least be intentionally humorous & make me laugh)
I look forward to testing my theory on the people here in this town and I already like the coffee more, that they serve here.
Hello to all you great & knowledgeable people, I'll post about my Siler Saxophone soon.
Please come say hi.


Mr Andersson


ex Landrover Nut
Hi, big welcome from me. We're a friendly bunch here and welcome everyone. There is a lot of banter - and often vague or conflicting answers. You'll have to live with us as we are.

old git

Tremendous Bore
Welcome to the caff©, Mr. Anderson.

Oh dear. I'd better watch my step.


Pete Thomas

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Welcome from me, but I feel I should warn you that the very same thing happens here. As a moderator my policy is not to worry about threads going off at tangents. As long as everything remains civilised and within the rules.

In fact I am one of the people who is often responsible for a bit of humour or off topic asides, both on this forum and on SOTW.

Noting your reference to ***ontheweb I should maybe add that I don't think of that or any other forum as a rival. It's perfectly fine to say SaxOnTheWeb. I was a member of SOTW (and moderator) before this forum was formed and still post there. Although the analogy of two towns makes sense in one respect, it was never the intention of this forum when it started.

Mr Andersson

New Member
Thanks for the welcome "old git" No need to worry about me, I don't bite & my slow motion karate is crap(but my name is spelt with 2 s's, it's the Swedish spelling)

Chat soon I hope :cool:


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Hi Mr. A!

A Warm Welcome to Cafe *** from the Skabertawe Lites, down here in Wales.

I hope that you live down your opening Gambit as it did not present in a particularly engaging manner - as if you were laying down the gauntlet. Be that as it may I am sure that you will be given feedback if your more personal comments present as other than tame.
There are several folks on here that hale from Scandinavia and adjacent countries, and several from the US, even if the majority are resident in the UK.

I hope that the Cafe offers you good contact and info, and that you are able to make meaningful and approachable contributions over the coming weeks and months. Do feel free to share a little more info about yourself - what you play, how long, what the music scene is like in Sweden, what you listen to, who your favoiurite sax players are etc. What you have shared so far is important but presents a little starkly to my mind.

Kind regards

I've just noticed the above post - must have been posted when I was writing mine. Sounds nice!
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Welcome from me too:)

I must admit I quite like the banter and have learnt a lot from various threads that do go off orignal topic, often makes interesting reading and helps to get to know each other.

Hope we don't upset you.


Wade Cornell

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Don't know about the others, but I promise to always give you a real answer if a real question is asked, and won't answer if I haven't got the knowledge. There seems to be a fair amount of real knowledge around, but lots who just want to chit chat as well.



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Welcome to the Cafe Mr Andersson, I'm sure you'll have fun and learn heaps

Cheers & ciao

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