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Hi from Sunny (?) Cornwall UK


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Hi, I'm a budding player, albeit a rather late bloomer. I have had a tenor sax for some years now and only really doodled around with it until about 3 months ago when I kicked myself up the unmentionable and got on with it.

I am a musician already I suppose in that I already play piano and guitar, so I find reading the dots OK (although I was surprised how much I had forgotten about harmony, notation, etc!).

I am taking the self taught route at the moment and seem to be doing OK. My latest move was to join the volunteer band at my naval base. I find it a double-edged sword in that I spend more time trying to get the tunes right than practicing long notes, scales, etc. However, I have found it a great way to focus, and have learnt much from the existing players. Marching and playing at the same time is a LOT harder than it looks !

I have been dipping in to this forum for a while now and have found it very useful. Maybe one day I'll feel comfortable enough to contribute!:)


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Hi, big welcome from me. Lots of late starters here. Don't be shy about joining in - just comment/ask. Have fun!

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Hello Simon, and welcome to the cafe. I used to enjoy playing with a marching band but these days I don't have the puff to march and play. Such a pity. Reading the dots for the clarinet on the hoof was no problem, but I found reading the sax parts difficult. I just couldn't get them into focus when moving. It was lucky for me that the Cavalcade ground to a halt a lot. Playing those harmonies and counter melodies will be great practice for you. Enjoy yourself.


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Welcome to the caff©, Simon.

Promise me your first tune will not be The Furry Dance.



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Hi Simon!

A Big Welcome to the Cafe from the Skabertawe Crucial Crew, up by yer in Wales, mind!
We are all getting excited about your second contribution to the Forum!

I'm down in North Devon at the end of the month so will try to send some good vibes down to you in Cornwall!
Kind regards
Tom :thumb::thumb::thumb:


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Hi Simon Welcome to the Cafe.

Plenty of opinions here, just add your own...we don't mind!

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