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Hi from Rural France


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Hi to everyone, joined the site yesterday and just thought i would introduce myself. I am retired and have been living in Mayenne France for 5 years now. I always wanted to play the saxophone and so purchased a second -hand conn-selmer Prelude As700. I knew nothing about the instrument but i always got great pleasure out of just looking at them. So having read reviews, and purchased the excellent manual by Stephen Howard ,i had an idea what to look for. I am progressing quite well, i know i will have to upgrade at some point,but having read many posts on this forum about being cautious and knowing what you really want before you jump in, i would just like to endorse the sentiment, and i have thus far resisted myself
I have spent months looking at reeds and mouthpieces following the guidance of those more knowledgable on this website, and the thing that always jumps out at me is look for what will suit your needs. I have settled on a secondhand Yamaha 4c mouthpiece (£10) and a legere 1.5 synthetic reed and the set up is okay if the room i am in is cold, hence many readers suggest putting them in the fridge for a while before you play (the reed not the sax)
I went for the sythetic reed as i was speding more time messing about with cane reeds than i did playing the instument, anyhow it seems to work for me. I will tr to resist an upgrade until i have found some limitations with the sax i have ,which should be some time yet.
I am enjoying reading all of you interesting and informative posts and it's nice to be part of an excellent community
kind regards to you all


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Many welcomes from one francophile to another; I hope Mayenne is a tad warmer than Lincolnshire.

You seem to have the right idea for avoiding GAS - did you have to have a jab for it or does this immunity come from experience in another hobby?

May you have many happy hours between blowing and browsing. A good firtle round this website certainly lifts the spirits provided you don't take some of the banter too seriously.



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Welcome to the cafe Paul :)

A very nice intro :thumb: enjoy your journey and listen to the seasoned pro's (old codgers) on here and you'll improve in leaps n bounds

another tip..... give in to GAS >:)

old git

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Welcome to the caff©, Paul.

This Stephen Howard, never heard of him. Is he French?



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Hey Hey Paul ...

Welcome to the Cafe mate ... :thumb:

Hope you are going to have a bit of fun here while you glean info from this great site ... :)


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Welcome to the cafe, I can picture you now, sitting in the shade in the garden sipping a glass of wine with your sax in your hand, watching the wife mowing the lawn. (please note that this fantasy is only available in the summer months)


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Many thanks to those of you who replied. It's actually freezing and snowy here in Mayenne , but as it happens so infrequently it's actually quite nice. The nice thing about the replies is how often the word fun and enjoy crop up it's very refreshing and uplifting.
In response to 'Old git' Stephen Howard is responsible for putting together the Haynes saxophone manual which i would recommend to all , great tips and advice on saxophone maintenance. He also reviews in a completely impartial manner new and used saxophones (
As for sipping wine and watcing the wife cut the grass nothing much has changed since i started playing/learning the sax.
Also french wine is vastly over rated, stick to californian or australian
thanks for the welcome

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I trust that is a little jest. No one's taste buds could be that warped.


I'll be hostng some French guests later in the year (one of my choirs is having an exchange with a choir from Macon). I shall be ruthlessly serving Californian and Australian wines (to be fair, decent slightly older wines) all weekend (like I did last time we did this).

I like a nice French wine, it's just hat in the UK it's overpriced and inconsistent.

Welcome to the Café by the way!

Justin Chune

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A warm welcome to the cafe Paul. I find Rico Royals easy to live with and prefer them to Legeres.



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Hi and welcome aboard Paul, dive in and enjoy the banter.
You've got off to a good start and earned a few 'Brownie points' by buying the manual.
I've been looking at the weather forecast up there in France and see some very low temps (We have good friends in Perigeuex). It's cold down here at night, it drops down to 5 degs. Brrrrr, and it is too hot to sit in the sun during the day, but someone has to do it!

John :);}


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In response to 'Old git' Stephen Howard is responsible for putting together the Haynes saxophone manual which i would recommend to all , great tips and advice on saxophone maintenance. He also reviews in a completely impartial manner new and used saxophones (
He's also a member here....

Aren't we a lucky bunch.


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Hi Paul

Welcome aboard a little warning OG can be a bit of a wind up merchant sometimes but also very amusing you appear to be living my dream to retire in France we have spent our holidays there every year for quite some time and have already booked again for this year but wether we actually get there is yet to be seen....all the best ....John
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