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Hi from Rainy Cornwall, UK


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Hi All

Just introducing myself from Cornwall in the UK (not sure why everyone thinks it's sunny down here when it seems to rain about 99% of the time!).

I've been playing the Alto for just one month but really loving it (it's kinda taking over my life ;}). Bit of a late bloomer (I'm 34) but always fancied learning the sax. I played the clarinet at school for a bit but didn't have the discipline needed back then. I recently listened to a load of sax music on YouTube and couldn't believe I hadn't done this earlier. So, here I am!

Got myself a great teacher but he's away for over 6 weeks :shocked: so I need a support network and have signed up here. Good to meet you all!



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Welcome, Suz

What kind of sax music?

Be careful what you say about 34 being late bloomer territory. I started 2.5 years ago at 51 and I think I'm one of the youngsters here.


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So you got yourself a teacher and then he's disappearing for six weeks! I hope he left you lot's of homework before he left.

I too am in sunny (yeah, right) East Cornwall, been playing sax for about eight years.

Welcome to the forum, if you can't find it here, it doesn't exist.


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Big welcome from me. All I can think of is cream teas, saffron buns and pasties.... Wonderful part of the country, evena good public Looe.

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Welcome to the caff©, Suz.

I know most villages in Cornwall but I've never heard of Rainy?



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Hi Suz!

A Big Welcome to Cafe Sax from the Skabertawe Youtube Alto Sax Society, up by yer in Wales, mind! You are too young to be a "late bloomer" on Cafe Sax: "...A late blooming adult is a person who does not discover their talents and abilities until later than normally expected. In certain cases retirement may lead to this discovery." (Wikipedia).

Maybe you should be considered an Early Bloomer!
Kind regards


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Hi Suz

Welcome to the cafe, sax does have a way of taking over your life, enjoy your journey.:)



Welcome from the other side of the Tamar. What part of lovely Cornwall are you from. My family originally came from Falmouth/Penryn.


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Welcome to the cafe. You have a long and enjoyable journey ahead of you. Good job you've started early in life :thumb:


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Thanks for such a warm welcome everyone! Feeling decidedly 'young' now, which is a bonus! I'm near Penzance (the last train stop in Britain!) and love it here (apart from the weather). Trying to broaden the sax music I listen to, so any suggestions welcome, although I see there's a thread somewhere here about that, so will have a read. Found Charlez360, BriansThing and ArtinSound on YouTube, who are all pretty contemporary but I'm discovering Grover Washington and some of the other greats.

Got lots of 'homework' to do while my teacher is away but finding it pretty hard at the moment as it involves listening to a backing CD and trying to play along using the scales given and listening to the changes (I think I'm meant to have a go at improvising too using these scales). Just wish I had more time to practise but having a 5 year old and a part time job doesn't leave me with as much time as I'd like. Still, I shall persevere!

Right, off to have a pasty now :)
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Late bloomer? I think you're probably at the younger end of the spectrum (albeit there are a few high school aged younger persons on here too).

I'm 52 and I started just over a year ago... and I am significantly less aged than some one could mention....

Have fun - it's never too late to start playing and making music.

PS Shropshire will probably rust shut next year after all the rain this year...


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Hi CornishMaid and welcome, consider yourself a`Baby Bloomer` as I write from the foldaway desk compartment of my high tech. zimmer. So if I wander off into a preamble about how things where in my younger days, and charabanc trips to sunny Cornwall which used to take seven hours to get there, a quick ice cream (Wall`s Cornish Maid.) then a turnaround and back to London for another day as an apprentice chimney sweep it is just my blast from the past. You will get great advice here and a generous helping of fun. Got to go now `Dick Barton Special Agent on the the BBC Light program. Best Regards, Drainpipes,crepe soles and ties called shoe strings these are just some of my favourite things. N.


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Welcome CornishMaid, I think it was me that introduced myself as being from 'sunny' Cornwall. And yes, you have outed me! It's been anything but recently here in the Helston area. They say its warmer down here too, I saw someone selling daffodils the other day, they traditionally don't come out until spring! But if you were to step outside right now you'd be mighty uncomfortable without your coat!

I have picked up a lot of useful information on this forum, nice and friendly, not like others I have seen. There are also some real characters. I hope you enjoy it.



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Good morning CornishMaid - 34yrs eh? Wish I'd taken it up 14 years ago too :)

You'll do just fine here. I joined in September after picking up the sax in August. I've gotten more fun, advice and good rounded knowledge here than anywhere else and been truly supported by everyone.

So welcome to the gang. Pull over a chair, grab your mug of Java, and lets get a good old natter going on



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Thanks again all! Seems like I've come to the right just tell my under eye bags that I am in fact a 'baby bloomer', so they need to disappear with immediate effect! Looking forward to chatting to everyone (although my laptop is soon to go in for repair :(). Think I'll be needing lots of advice x
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