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Hi from North Somerset


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Hi All,

Thought I'd better introduce myself as I joined up recently.
I started out on clarinet when I was in my early teens and a couple of years later I bought myself a tenor sax which I then traded in for an alto. I was self taught and mainly just played around with tunes I liked and never bothered with any theory which I kind of regret many years later as I'm now trying to catch up on a wasted youth!

The lure of joining a gigging rock band playing bass came my way in the early 80's so I sold my sax bought an amp and concentrated on bass for the next 25 years playing mainly funky R&B pop stuff but have also been in various jazz bands covering the usual array of 'Real book' classics. Still playing bass in a jazz improv band but we've taken an extended break after our keyboard player left last summer. Any Piano/Keyboard players interested?

I'd always regretted selling my sax, and earlier this year I decided to release some funds by selling a spare bass and bought myself a shiny new Yamaha YS275 Alto. I still have my Berg Larsen mp which I bought many years for a measly £25 which I'm very glad I kept 'just in case'. I'm about 4 months into my 'rebirth' and am really enjoying it. The sax is such a great organic instrument especially after years of playing electric bass and it's really satisfying to produce a sound that comes from me rather that the electronics. A lot of what I'd learnt some 20+ years ago actually came back fairly quickly and can now produce a fairly reasonable tone that doesn’t scare the family too much.

I've got to the stage where I want to know more about the nuts and bolts of music and am delving into all sorts of scales and chords etc in an attempt to improve my sight reading and improvising ability which is what I should have been doing for the last 25 years. Looks like a lifetimes study as each question is answered by several more but it's slowly starting to make some sense, thanks in part to all the stuff you guys post on this forum, it's an invaluable wealth of info and entertainment!

Cheers for now


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Rugby UK
Welcome to the cafe Ade, I think I'm where you were about 20 years ago. I picked up a sax about five years ago, I've had no formal training, I don't understand the dots and it's probably holding me back (I think I've "plateaued" as they say but at a very amateurish level!) At least you seem to be getting the hang of the theory. Maybe, one day you could explain it to me!
I hope you enjoy your re-found sax.

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Welcome Ade
I'm a late returner -two years ago at 58 - and wished I had done it years ago too. As well as taking lessons I'm doing theory exams and finding it helps with my playing. Not the way everyone wants to go, but it suits how my mind works (and yes, to anyone else contemplating saying it, it still does work...).


Studham Bedfordshire
Hi Ade, i think you'll find a lot of us here are of a certain age, it's like the facebook of the sax world. I started playing nearly two years ago and wonder why i never did it before. Still no regrets. I'm sure you will enjoy the forum, rgds Phil

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