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Hi I’m claire from chelmsford. I recently took up the alto sax in December after hearing Hed Kandis Lovely Laura playing Only God Can Dave Our Souls. She was my inspiration along with that electro/house music. And that’s what I’m aspiring to play. I used to play violin to grade 8 and clarinet to grade 5 about fifteen years ago and unfortunately gave it all up because of all the ridicule I got in school for being a ‘geek’ so when I was sixteen I rebelled and started partying instead. I never picked up a single instrument until recently. I forgot how to read music properly and forgot what notes were called but am getting back into it now. I wish I was as good at the sax as I used to be at my other instruments so I’m trying to self teach so any help is greatly appreciated
Too many pan-galactic gargleblasters?
Probably not, that would make him forget moren than what notes were called.
The effects of a pan-galactic gargleblaster are similar to "having your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick".
Welcome Claire!

It's sad that those who can't often do their best to stop those that can. You're clearly one who can, and I'm sure it's all still in there somewhere - you'll dust it off and be shredding in no time :)
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