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Here I come


Old Indian
Sounds great Colin !!! I don't really know if I've ever heard it before . .
It might just be a cut and paste from your subconscious of all the blues you've ever played.
Similar thing happened to me this afternoon. I started playing around with a motif and ended up moving it around for over an hour.
It's probably due to Jupiter. I went outside for a smoke at 3 o'clock this morning and Jupiter was lined up directly above the steeple of the church at the end of the road. I chickened out before the "Monolith" appeared and went to bed.
Go for it - Ideal title track for your forthcoming album :cool:
P.S. just listened to it a couple of times again, it'd be great theme music for one of them black & white French Ciné Noir love story movies.
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Colin the Bear

Colin the Bear

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I've got it. It starts off like "Young at Heart" but then takes a meander elsewhere. Something has happened recently with my recordings. Same old gear, same old player but there seems to be a cheerfulness coming through. Well it's nearly spring. ;)

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sounds like a ‘it don’t mean a thing, if it aint got that swing’ (imho)


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The more I listen to this,, Colin, the more I think I have heard it before. There are obviously influences from other pieces - inevitably - but given the number of notes available it's a miracle there are so many different tunes!!
If by some happy chance it IS totally original you could be on to a winner but suffice to say I find it interesting to listen to and enjoyable. I am still waiting for your album but please stick to CD because anything more technical makes my brain hurt.
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