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Here are some clips of me I hope you enjoy them!


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Hi Lary, like I said on your last vid (shame you pulled that) you need to add some feeling to get away from the mechanical sound. Try adding some personality to it by slurring from one note to another, add dynamics by blowing gently at times that you feel it's appropriate (I'm sure there's a musical term for that but I don't know it.) You need to give it emotion and feeling otherwise you'd be better off playing a keyboard!
Keep it up and most of all, enjoy your sax! ;}

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Like I said before, that is the main complaint my mentor has with me. With me its that (especially in a recording) I get so wrapped up in intonation, and getting the notes right, I tend to leave off vibrato, lip slurs, and dynamics. Jack believes that that will come with time and seasoning, when I get so that the intonation and reading come as second nature to me. Also I have more posts on you tube they are available on the upper part of the screen when you are playing one of my clips.
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Larry, really good that you've taken the time to record and post. Really brave, something I'm not ready to do yet. Pity I missed the other thread.

Good job on all three. I get the feeling you're almost there (certainly a lot closer than me), but are bogging down on details - instead of taking yourself outside the mechanics of playing and listening to yourself from the audience. On Corcovoda it seems as if you're trying hardest - and missing the most. Maybe put the music away for a while, also the backing track - and concentrate on playing it as you hear it - in other words play it in your head a few times, concentrating on how you want people to hear it - how it moves you - get it right in your head and then pick the sax up and play it that way. The notes/intonation will be there - cos it' s a part of what's in your head. When you're happy with that, repeat it with the backing track.

For me the definitive version of this is Stan Getz/Astrud Gilberto. And Stan's playing is an amazing contrast to her singing. She's subtle, clear and expressive - and his sax playing dances around her singing.... It's like he's making love to her as she sings... I'm not saying copy them, but rather hear the different ways they express the music, internalise it - then bring it out in your playing.

Good luck, lots of potential there!

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