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Mouthpieces Help with JB weld?

Greetings all. So I applied JB weld waterweld to the bitemark area on my Meyer 7M mouthpiece. I heard the waterweld putty is supposed to harden. I waited for it to harden, then put a clear mouthpiece patch over it, but then bitemark impressions appear again. what can I do to resolve this problem?:
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Sounds like you didn't mix it properly.

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It's an epoxy putty in two parts. Unlike some other brands of similar products which have colour differentiation as distinct as budgie droppings, the two colours waterweld use are off white and a liitle more off white.

The two parts need to be thoroughly mixed to initiate the reaction that hardens the product.

Cut and discard the first 5mm of the stick. The end bit doesn't seem to want to cure properly. This might apply to a stick you've used before and had in the cupboard some time. Probably exposure to the atmosphere or something.

If you mix a little more than you need and roll the remainder into a little ball this can be your test piece to see how the hardening is progressing. It cures in anything from 20 mins to an hour and can be worked by abrasion in this state before it becomes fully hard. It is fully hard in 24 hours at room temperature. I wouldn't apply a patch untill it's fully hardened.
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