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HELP!!!Quote from Charlie Parker's Anthropology


Hi all,

Many many years ago, I recorded a piece of music from Jazz fm and I have just found a part of it in Charlie Parker's Omnibus Solo of Anthropology. This young guy is doing a great job of ripping through it, but can anyone tell me whether this is a quote from another piece of music or whether they recognise it.

The section I am talking about occurs at 2.05 - 2.10 and it is driving me absolutely nuts.


I need to know what that piece of music is. If it helps, the version I heard was played by a trumpet and the head of the tune was that section.

All assistance or even pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated

old git

Tremendous Bore
Words go 'You are the one, you are temptation'. Suspect it may be called Temptation.


All Hail Old Git

Old Git, you have just saved my sanity. Thank you for giving me a starting point. Through the wonder of the internet, I have tracked down the version I was looking for and have been hunting for years. It's hard though when you have no idea what the song is called, who played it and when.

Indeed the song is called Temptation. Music written originally by Nacio Herb Brown, lyrics penned by Arthur Freed. Used in 'Singing in the Rain' and 'Going Hollywood', made famous by Bing Crosby (

"My" version of the song is played by the Kirk Lightsey Trio ft Freddie Hubbard. The bass line was a dead giveaway. So incredibly cool. If anyone here is a subscriber to emusic, check this version out.

(I might be so enthusiastic only because it's been driving me mad for the better part of a decade)

All hail the mighty Old Git for the speedy solution :welldone
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